Victorian Gothic: A selection of macabre and malevolent stories

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The sublime is a feature of romantic work. The emotions evoked in a work of Gothic fiction will be familiar to you. You may not have seen a ghost, but you know horripilation — that feeling of hair standing on end. Two characters slowly become more and more deranged. Likewise, the modern antihero or hero-villain if you prefer comes from the Gothic tradition. However, in gothic stories morality is clear. Good is good, evil is evil, even if it is attractive.

Evil is not simply misunderstood, it is inherent. Viewers were encouraged to understand Walter White and Tony Soprano. Thinking individuals are much more yin-yang about people these days.

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As we learned from Misery , the story of the woman who holds a man captive can never be a glamorous one. And for women, crazy, as we all know, is not a Good Look. The setting of the Gothic novel is a character in itself. The decaying, ruined scenery implies that at one time there was a thriving world. At one time the abbey, castle, or landscape was something treasured and appreciated. Now, all that lasts is the decaying shell of a once thriving dwelling.

It was then later expanded to include most of the medieval style of architecture. The ornate and intricate style of this kind of architecture proved to be the ideal backdrop for both the physical and the psychological settings in a new literary style, one which concerned itself with elaborate tales of mystery, suspense, and superstition.

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In his groundbreaking book 'Inventing the Victorians', Mathew Sweet argues that, for all their obsessions and the straitlaced prudery which we associate with them, our Victorian forefathers were essentially the same as us. Victorian Gothic: A selection of macabre and malevolent stories eBook: George MacDonald et al: Kindle Store.

This is the same wish-fulfilment as modern dark, paranormal romances , and is easy to mock until you understand that this desire is borne of a need to escape, because adolescence is terrifying for a girl whose body is suddenly attracting the attention of much larger, stronger men, some of whom will not leave her alone. Night journeys are a common element seen throughout Gothic literature.

They can occur in almost any setting, but in American literature are more commonly seen in the wilderness, forest or any other area that is devoid of people.

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Evil characters are also seen in Gothic literature and especially American Gothic. Depending on the time period that the work is written about, the evil characters could be characters like Native Americans, trappers, gold miners etc. Omens — or portents, visions, etc.

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They can take many forms, such as dreams. Miraculous survivals are elements within American Gothic literature in which a character or characters will somehow manage to survive some feat that should have led to their demise. An element of fear is another characteristic of American Gothic literature. This is typically connected to the unknown and is generally seen throughout the course of the entire novel. This can also be connected to the feeling of despair that characters within the novel are overcome by.

This element can lead characters to commit heinous crimes. Psychological overlay is an element that is connected to how characters within an American Gothic novel are affected by things like the night and their surroundings. An example of this would be if a character was in a maze -like area and a connection was made to the maze that their minds represented.

Revelation is the basis of much plotted fiction, especially any story containing a mystery—and that includes far more than detective or mystery fiction. Much gothic fiction is founded on a central mystery. The Mad Woman In The Attic is now a trope, though this real life story flips it — a woman kept her husband in the attic and made him live like a bat. Jane Eyre —Mr. Edward Rochester keeps his violently insane wife Bertha locked in the attic of Thornfield. All the while, Rochester is romancing Jane. Except for the secret — the mystery — the story would be quite static.

Rebecca is a more modern Bluebeard story.

Stranger Things is indeed a gothic story:. A lot of early gothic is set in some kind of remote past yet reflects contemporaneous issues. With Stranger Things we have a 21st century TV show set in the 80s, which I guess for young people is a remote past, but speaking to our contemporary moment.

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In short, it is interesting how the show turns to the past to speak to the present. However, even children in the 18th century probably preferred the scary tales over the didactic ones they were supposed to read, which were heavily didactic. There was an effort by the gatekeepers of this time to keep Gothic stories away from children.

This fear has never subsided. There are always cultural critics worried about the effect Gothic stories have on the tabula rasa of children. In earlier eras children were thought to be entirely innocent. Rousseau was partly responsible for that. These days stories tend to play with the idea that children are somewhat complicit in getting themselves into trouble. This affords children more agency, in fact. Maryrose Wood uses this historical attitude in her gothic parody The Mysterious Howling when she writes:. Penelope had begun reading poetry to the children in the belief that it would improve their English faster than lists of spelling words ever could.

Besides, she personally found poetry very interesting, and since her students [literally raised by wolves] were more or less blank slates when it came to literature, she felt she might as well do what she liked. Recently we have those fears directed towards the Twilight series, in which the passive heroine basically waits around to be saved by a creepy, much older male monster. The fear is that girls in real life will hope to emulate this as a script for their own romantic lives. I admit, I have some sympathy for this view myself, if girls are reading dark, paranormal fiction widely but not critically.

In fact, gothic stories belonged to children all along. The Gothic romances for adults actually came out of fairytales told while these adult readers were still children. Also, each and every one of them wrote Gothic stories for adults in a different part of her writing career, exposing a double standard. We love the Gothic and find it entertaining, but not for children, whose minds are easily corrupted.

Influential male writers have said they loved to read Gothic chapbooks as children. Yet chapbooks were never culturally approved.

The Gothic

Chapbooks were magazine type products sold door-to-door — an important means of cultural dissemination before people could afford books. Chap books were considered trash fiction. When a literature emerged for the middle class white child, ghosts were firmly erased. Montgomery — Montgomery plays with Gothic conventions, as well as in some of her stand-alone novels and short stories.

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Lovecraft Wiki by expanding it. A new hardcover edition in the Flame Tree Epic Tales series. Poe's fear of confinement probably stems from his financial situation and his restricted professional career as a short story writer. In this exciting new book, punchy text describes how fantasy art, literature, movies and even games have been influenced by the power of Cthulhu, accompanied by powerfully atmospheric artworks. A carrot takes a bath and finds itself transforming. Available from 15 Apr As Schubert said, there is no happy music.

There are plenty of Gothic features without it adding up to actually Gothic. Alice is absurdist instead.