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That and Rye's dangerous past make it seem impossible for them to have a future together. She understands. It happens. Growing up, Zach McRae was her best friend's older brother, sweet, protective and perfect. He shows up out of the blue at her engagement dinner and instantly sees right through all the lies she's told herself. Like that she's fine, even happy and right where she wants to be. His life is increasingly and uncharacteristically out of control.

Bring the magic of Christmas into your home with these nine heart-warming books full of mistletoe, love, and holiday merriment. The Earl of Mapleton is failing miserably at wooing Eliza's mistress. Perhaps they can fail together One that neither one has forgotten.

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Waves of Light Donovan Wainwright, Duke of Windwood, is a physically and emotionally battle-scared war hero. Catchy but not obnoxious except on purpose. Get someone to tame Nick? License To the extent possible under law, Igglybuff has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.

When they meet again they are drawn together. After that chance meeting they share a magical kiss. Along the way they discover that sometimes the one thing a person needs isn't what they would expect. Mistletoe, Whisky, and a Rogue by Jane Charles One gossiping parrot, a few sips of whisky, and mistletoe could seal one's fate. However, one encounter with Miss Fanella Grant, a lass with a taste for whiskey and adventure, could change everything—especially when a parrot not only repeats what he hears, but also what he sees.

Silver Bells and Mistletoe by Anna St. Claire Lady Susan Winslow wants love and a Christmastide wedding. But when her father betroths her to a stranger—she rebels. Lord Grayson Harding signs a secret betrothal to his childhood love, before realizing first, he must woo her. Lady Susan's brother is being murdered.

Will they save her brother but lose a chance at happiness?

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Marcus made her a promise years ago, and she's ready for him to make good on it. One passionate kiss.

How could either of them have guessed where one stolen moment would lead? Bedded under the Christmastide Moon by Christina McKnight When two best friends agree to a marriage of convenience, neither admits they've always harbored a secret desire for the other--until one night under the Christmastide moon, when passion consumes them.

A Winter Wish-By Nadine Millard Mariah and Brandon are forced to endure each other's company when a snowstorm traps them in the same house.

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They argue, they bang heads and they drive each other insane. But something precious is blooming beneath the surface of all that ice. Something neither looks for but both need. On a Midnight clear by Sandra SooKoo Christmastide takes a fateful turn when Major Cecil Stapleton returns from hospital and finds his cottage in the country already occupied by the lover he left behind six years before.

As shared memories collide with budding romance, he and Olivia will need to work through painful truths and personal expectations in order to grasp the love they both desperately need. Miss pageant's Christmas proposal by Tabetha Waite Miss Emary Pageant can have any man in London, but the one she wants thinks she's nothing but a simpering debutante. She has to gain his attention, so she approaches him with a wager Donovan Wainwright, Duke of Windwood, is a physically and emotionally battle-scared war hero.

He knows his duty to his title like he knew his duty to his country, but that doesn't mean he's going to marry some vain, empty-headed woman. It isn't until Emary approaches him with a rather shocking proposal that he takes a closer look. Parker Wilson, Jack Hunter and Dean Colter considered establishing a security company, but a glut on the market forced a change of plans. Any idiot can plan a perfect date if he knows his woman well enough.

And anyone with recon skills can fill in the missing gaps. He wants Pepper Wilson in his bed, but seducing the feisty redhead could be dangerous for more than one reason. His steely determination proves a match for her own, though, and the attraction simmering between them ignites into fiery passion.

But can their wild sexual exploration turn into more without someone getting burned?

This time she might the one who breaks both their hearts when she has to walk away. Defiled By My Husband's Debt Collector When a new bank manager rides into the small southern town of Laredo, Beth fears the worst because of the money she owes. Her fears are realized when the man turns up at her small farmstead, with the news that the debt needs to be repaid in two weeks or the land and property will be repossessed.

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She can only think of one way to keep her land, so she decides to make him a reluctant offer. The Pirate's Willing Whore Elizabeth is a woman of good standing. Married to a politician, she spends most of her time caught up in the repetitive life that's expected from her husband, and nothing exciting happens to break the monotony she experiences every day. That is, until she's grabbed and dragged onto a pirate ship by force, to be held for ransom.

Days aboard the ship don't have the effect on her she thinks it will, and soon she finds herself enjoying her time with her captors. When it's time for her to be exchanged back to her husband, she's faced with a choice - does she give into her desires for the first time in her life and let the pirates do whatever they want to her, or does she run back to her husband like a good wife?

Or both? So when he gets a text message asking him to meet her at a hotel on the edge of town, he's as nervous as he is excited. Nothing can prepare him for what he sees when he walks in - his old highschool bully, Brad, and his naked wife about to become Brad's willing slut. Brad's mean, he's more successful than Alex, and to make matters worse he's hung like a horse while Alex is barely able to please his own wife. Can Alex handle the ultimate humiliation?

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Pandora must learn to trust Dante's foreign nature. But as she slowly succumbs to the truest passion she has ever known, dark forces have already set out to reclaim her Lord Reyes is afflicted with the dark curse of the werewolf. Still, Shanara can't fight the attraction they both feel. Will their love break the curse-or feed its powerful hold?

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Make It Last Forever by L. Banks An innocent mistake forces the beautiful Tara onto a mission to save herself from the dark fate that awaits her. Salvation comes in the form of a seductive biker with a heart of gold. But will surrendering to their ripe attraction unleash a danger even she cannot control? Red Moon Rising by Lori Handeland Novelist Maya Alexander's peace is shattered when she is stalked by a Navaho skinwalker who has taken on the guise of a wolf. Her only hope is the mysterious Clay Philips. In his arms, she seeks protection-but as the red moon rises, no one is safe from the danger that lurks nearby A collection of five erotic short stories with mixed themes including contemporary, menage, fem dom, mild bdsm and burlesque from Xcite Books, winners of ETO's Best Erotic Book Brand , and But Derrick surprises them both by agreeing to it, so men are found and a date is set.

Can Eve really handle more than one man at once, though? Moreover, can she handle eight? How We Burlesque by Scarlett Blue She lives in a world of corsets and stockings, breathing fire and roller skating her way through the glittering world of burlesque. The performers love to be watched, and the audience love to watch.

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Read "The Private Collection (The Ultimate Erotic Short Story Bundle)" by Trinity Lee available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first. These five scorching erotic short stories feature a gorgeous chef, two very naughty female painters, a hairdresser with her mind on more than.

On the night our story takes place, an attractive stranger pushes the desire to be watched to its limit, and introduces her — and her burlesque contemporaries — to pleasures she never knew existed. Birthday Girl by Devlin It was her birthday.

The thirteen diamond necklace was great, but Francesca knew Robert had something more planned, and she wanted to know what Naked, tied to the old vine trellis, he remained resolutely silent, no matter what temptation or punishment she tried. But when it came, the surprise was to prove most satisfying. Nice Work by Elizabeth Cage On a hot summer day, two strangers on a train share an unexpected brief horny encounter. The journey to the office will never be the same again. He has to make a good impression. But fate has a wicked sense of humour and when Adrian meets Alice once more he soon discovers she has plans for him that far exceed his wildest fantasies.

Membership required a vow that once he became a SEAL, the team would be his only commitment. Distractions like relationships or dependents would be forbidden. Eight years later, on the cusp of achieving his goal, Sam has forgotten that vow.