The Gunsmith 415: The Funeral of Doc Holliday
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The first of Ford's "Cavalry Trilogy" - a reworking of the Custer myth about the flawed military character. John Wayne starred as veteran war Captain Kirby York stationed at desolate Fort Apache, who soon found himself at odds with arrogant, stuffy, Indian-hating, racist lieutenant Lt. Owen Thursday Henry Fonda. The commander was accompanied by daughter Philadelphia Shirley Temple in one of her first adult roles.

Noted for the spectacular race-across-the-desert sequence.

Greatest Westerns

A minor distracting sublot concerned a romance between Philadelphia and Lt. Michael O'Rourke Ward Bond. A disgruntled widower who resented being demoted after the Civil War and transferred to the West, stubborn and by-the-book Thursday attempted to destroy honorable, clever and elusive Apache chief Cochise Miguel Inclan after luring him across the border from Mexico to return to the reservation, highlighted by a suicidal Army attack symbolic of blundering "Custer's Last Stand".

Afterwards, "Thursday's Charge" was trumped up as heroic by the Eastern press, with York loyally assenting. Red River d. Howard Hawks, minutes, United Artists Corp. First in , then in Texas along the Red River, and during a long cattle drive in the mids from Texas to Abilene, Kansas along the Chisholm Trail. A classic and complex epic western and considered by many critics to be one of the ten best westerns ever made , and the first western from director Hawks.

A sweeping story, similar to Mutiny on the Bounty , about a three-month cattle drive historically based on the opening of the Chisholm Trail in and a film of generational rivalry and rebellion between a son and father, spanning a time period of fifteen years. With John Wayne as ruthless, strong-willed, bitter and contemptible Tom Dunson and Montgomery Clift in his first film as his less harsh, surrogate, adopted son Matthew.

By film's conclusion, the cattle herd was successfully brought to market on the new Chisholm Trail, and the two men were reconciled after a brutal brawl, arbitrated by Tess Millay Joanne Dru. John Ford, minutes, MGM. In the town of Welcome, Arizona the site of the opening bank robbery , and flight into the Mojave desert, ending in the town of New Jerusalem on Christmas Day. Ford's film his first Technicolored film was a heavy-handed tale of redemption - and a western retelling of the Biblical Three Wise Men tale. John Wayne starred as Robert Marmaduke Hightower, one of three "godfather" fugitive bank-robbing outlaws.

In the film's opening moments, the trio robbed a small bank in the town of Welcome, Arizona, and were immediately pursued by local sheriff Perley "Buck" Sweet Ward Bond and his posse of deputies. Soon, the group of desperate cowboys was running low on water their waterbag had been pierced with a bullet , had lost one horse, and were facing long stretches of desert, and a fierce sandstorm. The Sheriff strategically placed his men at each watering station, making it impossible for them to refuel.

During their trek, the men came upon an abandoned wagon at Terrapin Wells where the water tank had been dynamited - and found a dying expectant mother Mildred Natwick. They buried her, and then continued to evade pursuit, by following a bright star in the sky.

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All they had was a baby-care book, cans of condensed milk, a Bible, some baby clothes and a baby bottle. The group of bandits fled with the baby through the desolate Arizona desert filmed in Death Valley toward the town of New Jerusalem, vowing redemptively to protect the innocent child while pursued. The Abilene Kid was the first to succumb to the heat, exhaustion and dehydration, due to his shoulder wound during the robbery.

The second to die was Pedro or "Pete" Pedro Armendariz , who fell and broke his leg, and committed suicide off-screen. Robert was the sole survivor of the trek who was able to make it to the town of New Jerusalem, after he had hallucinated his friends encouraging him to continue on, and miraculously discovered a stray donkey.

Robert staggered into a saloon in New Jerusalem on Christmas Day, where he was on the verge of collapse. He entered the bar, placed the baby on the counter, greeted everyone: "Merry Christmas to all," and ordered: "Set 'em up, bartender, milk for the infant, and a cool, cool beer for me. He was viewed as a hero in the town of Welcome for saving the child.

Doc Holliday: The Life and Legend by Gary L. Roberts

After a trial was held, the judge Guy Kibbee sentenced him to a minimum prison sentence of one year and one day after he vowed to continue caring for the baby, even after his release. In the meantime, the child would be cared for by his relatives Uncle Buck and wife Mrs.

Sweet Mae Marsh. The Treasure of the Sierra Madre d. A classic tale of the elusive search for gold in the Sierra Madre Mountains by a trio of ill-matched prospectors who met in Tampico, Mexico. An intense character study showing the corruptive and cancerous effects of greed on the souls of men, including Humphrey Bogart as paranoid, vicious, and murderous gold-prospector Fred C.

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Dobbs and director John Huston's father Walter as a crazy but sage old prospector named Howard. Noted for repeated instances of the spoofed line: "Badges? We ain't got no badges! We don't need no badges.

Big Nose Kate, more than Doc Holliday's woman

I don't have to show you any stinkin' badges! Yellow Sky d. And when I did the Shakespeare's Women thing, a couple of her speeches were among the first I decided to include. Very much looking forward to you blogging 'Richard II'. There's a consistency of world-view in them in a way that's not the case with the Henriad. Seen RII on stage several times and never been disappointed.

The first Alex Jennings was conceptually the most interesting and used changing period costume to indicate the providential universe being replaced by one of Realpolitique - albeit that Bolingbroke, ironically, clings to the former.

Doc Holliday's Gone

Another starred Fiona Shaw as Richard, which was fascinating in how it looked at gender. Anyway, all that's for the future, and I know whatever you write will be erudite and thought-provoking, as usual! Hi Gayle! I didn't see contact info, so I hope you see my comment here. Long time no "see! I'm finally getting published! I've been combing through some old blog entries of mine and saw your comments and remembered how kind you were to read my blog.

Take care! Thursday, June 21, Rage, Revenge, Ressentiment.

Bret is in such disbelief of Waco's actions, he actually breaks the fourth wall and addresses the audience at the episode's conclusion. Features R. Armstrong as a cattle baron, Brad Johnson as his contemptible son and his strong-willed daughter, played by future Academy Award winner Louise Fletcher she won the Oscar for her portrayal of the villainous Nurse Ratched in One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest. Written by Gene L. Coon from a story by Montgomery Pittman , and directed by Leslie H.

Writer-producer Stephen J.

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Bart has an unexpectedly difficult time inveigling his way into a high-stakes poker game—the only way in is to win the favor of the richest, most stunningly beautiful woman in town Julie Adams , who has a suspicious nature and a retinue of staff to keep people like Bart away from her.

The title refers to a railroad line which Bart wins shares in Bart signs on as a wagon train guide through hostile territory, in this episode that examines the power of a decision to be courageous under fire rather than running the other way. Written by producer Roy Huggins, this is the only episode scripted with Jack Kelly in mind during the early seasons; according to Huggins' videotaped reminiscences for the Archive of American Television, he had previously given orders that the writers always picture Garner as Maverick regardless of which actor would end up playing the part.

Bret finds himself momentarily attracted to a ditzy but charmingly appealing young woman Connie Stevens whose stage fare plus an additional hundred dollars has been paid by an unknown benefactor, then hunts down some thugs in the wake of being abruptly assaulted on the street. The episode, a hybrid of comedy, mystery, and action drama, features young Adam West as a confused villain.