The 24-Week Guide to Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest Marketing for Ecommerce Businesses: How to Drive Traffic From Pinterest
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People on Pinterest are looking for advice and inspiration.

My Pinterest Marketing Strategy for 2018 & 2019 - CRAZY Traffic Growth!!!

Continue Reading. Pin or tweet, then read on! But first you must understand how to get the most from Tailwind! Pinterest Marketing Tips for Small Business Harness the power of Pinterest marketing for your website, blog, or online store! Make sure your target market finds you there! Want to set up your Pinterest business account for success? Craving Pinterest marketing success?

Not sure how to get there? Pinterest is changing things up, and Pinners are confused. We will cover: Latest Pinterest Pin size info. Alternate Pin sizes to the classic — do they work? Video Pin sizes.

How To Reach Remarkable Pinterest Marketing Success: Infographic

Pinterest is a visual-first platform and so a good image can make all of the difference in maximizing results. Images that stand out, are colorful, unique, and say something specific about what you have to offer will give you a major edge compared to other content on the platform. Much of what works with traditional print ads works on Pinterest as well angles, graphic backgrounds, color, use of space, etc. Similar to most all social media networks and websites, you want to make sure that the images you share are in full, high-resolution.

As Pinners and marketers know, Pins are organized into columns. Meaning that vertical images take up more space and stand out more in the feed. To convey credibility, build a brand, and help people understand who or where the Pin is coming from, try including your product, packaging, or logo in your image. Pro-Tip : Avoid logo placement in the corners of the Pin, or it will get covered up by our visual search icon. The Pinterest team explained that this works especially well for food, DIY, and beauty content creators who show how-to steps.

It probably goes without saying, but Pins with descriptions drive more clicks to your site than those without. Pro Tip : The Pinterest Search function can help you find new keywords. The Pinterest team recommends that individual Pinners and businesses use up to 20 hashtags to help users discover trending, relevant content. Pro Tip : Hashtags should act as broad search terms , not niche humor springfashion is great, ilookterribleinhats is not.

Video content on Pinterest can be an incredible way to bring your ideas to life with motion and sound. To use up as much screen space as possible, make sure your videos are designed for mobile , and are exported in either square or portrait format.

Pinterest Demographics

Shorter videos work best when you want Pinners to discover you if your goal is awareness or storytelling. Go longer when you want people to do something with your idea great for education or tutorials.

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They will thank you for it and reward you by pinning the item. I would suggest that you carve out a tiny little sliver of your business and focus a Pinterest board just on that niche. I was puzzled about how this could happen so I joined Pinterest. Include Prices Include prices in your product pins — those pins also get more attention. Great post.

However, aim to keep them organized in relevant boards. In other words, consistent, daily activity is much better than a once-a-week or once-a-day flurry of Pins. When people click on a Pin, they expect to be taken to a landing page so they can learn more about the idea or information that you shared on Pinterest. That means ensuring that your content includes a relevant link to the original source every single time — even if the link does not lead to your own website. Start saving Pins about upcoming trends, seasonal events, or holidays around 45 days in advance.

Optimize your pins

Updated July 24 That will give you a really good foundation to jump into this week's episode, where we'll focus on how to create a Pinterest marketing strategy. Creating a Pinterest marketing strategy can sound really daunting. . Download our FREE printable Getting Started with KPIs Guide. Today, we're excited to share with you exactly how to use Pinterest for business. Business accounts are better for marketing because they come with extra allows me to plan my Pinterest content days/weeks/months in advance. reach typically happen within the first 24 to 48 hours, content on Pinterest.

Then keep adding more ideas daily and maintain a steady pace of content. Pinterest users could then save her Pins leading up to their event s and refer back to them later for inspiration. When doing so, just make sure to add specific descriptions for each Pin. This will greatly help to improve your SEO. As soon as you create new content on your website or on other social media channels, be sure to save it to Pinterest as well.

You can quickly do this by utilizing Buffer Tailored Posts , which allows you to schedule unique content to each social media platform from one place. Again, the Pinterest team shared several useful, insider tips to maximizing Pinterest board results. First and foremost, ensure that your board names are specific and relevant to your audience on Pinterest. Be creative, but use board names that contain strong keywords for SEO. Each board above is structured around a fairly general keyword and topic, allowing her to save a variety of Pins to each.

Optimize your pins

One big mistake businesses often make when creating boards on Pinterest is that none of their boards are connected to a specific theme or style. Their profile seems to be a bunch of random topics, which can be confusing to Pinners. Another way to have your content discovered on Pinterest on a consistent basis is to use your boards as an individual SEO tool. To optimize your board for Pinterest SEO, start by adding keywords to your board description and pick a board category to help the Pinterest algorithm better understand your content.

Pinning solo is great, but teaming up with other influencers and businesses on Pinterest can help take your results to the next level. Group boards are the perfect way to collaborate with other Pinners and can help to show your audience brand new content from two brands that they might love. There is a TON to learn about how to use Pinterest for businesses. We hope this guide will serve as your launch pad for incredible results on Pinterest moving forward.

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We recommend starting off small — experimenting with a few of the Pinterest strategies above and then increasing your output and experiments over time. Originally written May 30, Last updated Dec 10, Humbled and grateful to be living the social media life at Buffer! California coast born and raised, but always on the go with my lovely wife Katelyn.

Love reading, designing, writing, running and adventuring.

The Ultimate Pinterest Strategy for Bloggers in 2020

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