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Thank you so much, sweet friend! I am ever grateful for you and your encouragement. It is surely my desire to keep following Him, and your support along the way truly means so much. God bless you abundantly! I would be very happy to read your book when published, Cheryl. What a wonderful testimony to God's work in your lives.

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Editorial Reviews. From the Author. This is the third in the Homespun series following Mail Teaching Patience (Homespun Book 3) by [Crabapple, Katie]. Teaching Patience book. Read 17 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Patience is a schoolteacher on the Minnesota Prairie in She.

I am just thrilled that you want to read the book, Elizabeth! I trust it will be a reality someday!! Thank you for every kind word of encouragement. You are a blessing to me, and I trust all is well with you and your husband. Yes, yes and YES!

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We having been on our own journey of ridding ourselves of material things so I would be ho ores to read the thoughts that God has given you dipuring your journey. Blessings always, Betsy. Dear, sweet Betsy! Thank you so very much for your encouragement and loving support of me, my family, our burdens, and my dream. I pray you can soon read the book, too. I am so thankful God is leading you to rid yourselves of the excess and trust He will bless you on your journey. Sending love and hugs to you and many prayers going up for you!

Yes mam! I'm most interested in reading your book! Oh, thank you!!!! I pray it will be, too! I am so grateful for your support, kind words, and encouragement, Brenda! God bless you, sweet sister. Congratulations on the completion of your book, Cheryl.

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Blessings to you as you move forth in the publishing realm. I would love to read it when it's available! Thank you ever so much, Debby! I am so grateful to you, and I hope it will soon be available for you to read!! God bless you!!! Oh dear Cheryl! What an exciting thing that I know the Lord is doing for you, and this book that the Lord has given you! I can't wait to see the doors that the Lord opens for you to have this incredible book published! And I personally can't wait to read it either! We have been on a minimalizing journey as well, having downsized to a sq.

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It has been the best thing we ever have done! Such a freeing thing to live simply, and only with things that you really need.

Plus, much less time is spent housecleaning, freeing up more time for being outside, which is only a plus for us! I will continue to be in prayer for this journey that the Lord has you on, and that He opens just the right doors for you!

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With love and many hugs! Dear Marilyn! I love hearing your story about how God led you to minimize, too, and I know you have so enjoyed the journey. It is a wonderful thing and so liberating. SO sweet to follow Jesus into that place where He means more than all of the things in this world put together!! Your continued prayers and support and encouragement are precious gifts to me, and I cannot thank you enough. May the dear Lord bless you always, dear friend. Cheryl, Praising our Lord for these answers to prayer!! So very thankful and excited for you. I have known several gals who have written books and then got them published-I will join the other ladies in praying that the Lord brings the right publisher to you.

I'm going to tell my daughter about your book as well-sound like one she and her hubby would love to read. Hugs and prayers, Noreen. Your prayers are just SO precious to me I hope it will one day be available for her and you to read, if it is God's will.

Sending love and hugs to you tonight! Thank you ever so much, Gramma!

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In previous years she had secured considerable money to erect a hospital in Monrovia and was endeavoring to enlist the support of English friends to supplement the same through generous gifts. An African woman by the name of Martha Ricks, famous for her patch work quilts, had for twenty-five years been piecing an intricate pattern, which Page 48 she declared when completed was to be a gift to Queen Victoria. It needed but very little time to bring that about, because everything was—to use a big word because no smaller one will do—propitious. The friends and descendants of Mrs. They scrutinized the neighborhood to discern whom to trust in emergencies and to kindle and keep alive a healthy sentiment in the locality, was but one phase of the multifarious tasks undertaken.

May God make a way for you to read it, and may He bless you abundantly! Cheryl, you have to let us all know when your book is released I will love reading it. I will surely let you know, BJ! It will be a happy, happy day when I can announce that it is published and ready to share! Thank you ever so much, and may God bless you!

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I pray for you every day and trust you are doing well and feeling the comfort of Jesus continually. Sending hugs to you.

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How exciting!! Would love to read : Maybe you can give me tips, as I thought of doing a children's book about our farm life :. I surely will! You know you can count on my support and help in any way I can. I think you should definitely write that book. It would be a wonderful read and so interesting, especially to those who live the city life.

I think it's a very relevant subject for a lot of people right now. I would be interested. It really seems to resonate with everyone I talk to. I think people are really feeling the overload of too much excess and starting to wake up to the reality that there is so much more in Christ! He lived a simple life, and that just calls to me Hopefully, you can read the book one day! Thank you so much, and may God bless you!! Praying for you. I am so glad you shared this post and asked your readers for input! Just writing the book is a huge accomplishment and I am so glad you are even considering a study to accompany it or a sequel.

Praying that God showers you with wisdom and peace as you journey onward on this path at this time in your life!

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Sending lots of love! Dear, sweet Valerie! You have been such a dear, loving support throughout this process, and your kind encouragement and friendship and willingness to listen means SO much to me. Knowing you are cheering me on encourages me so much.

I am so thankful for your presence in my life, and your continued prayers are so appreciated! Sending lots of love and gratitude back to you, dear friend, and praying for you often! God bless you again and again!

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I would be very interested to read your book! Now I'm impatient to get a copy myself! I looked into Lulu. There were various options for self-publishing that way. I expect there are other self-publishing sites that offer similar services now. Thankfully, historical fiction for children has really expanded in recent years, with many more authors turning their attention to books set during various historical time periods. Teachers love to see this shift happening, as it makes our job so much more fun! The following children's books depict life in colonial America.

The interest age increases as you move down the page. Note: This is a two page list, with books for older kids on page two. Homespun Sarah by Verla Kay 1st grade - 4th grade. If you have any comments, suggestions, or corrections please feel free to e-mail me.