Que reste-t-il de la «classe créative»? (French Edition)

12 détails de la vie quotidienne aux Etats-Unis
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Georges Chapouthier

Ngofeen: So she decided to go to England instead. Elodie applied and got a position in a secondary school in Yorkshire. Part of her job was to teach British teenagers how to speak French.

But she also wanted to teach them about where she came from. August is one of the cooler and drier months, while December is warmer and wetter. Ngofeen: Elodie explained that the austral winter — winter in the southern hemisphere — starts in June. She described how she would stand by the Indian Ocean and watch whales raising their young. On voit les baleines sauter et souffler. Ngofeen: Her students looked at her with wonder.

The more she described the island, the more awestruck they became. You are from paradise! Why did you come here? Ngofeen: Elodie knew why she had left.

But now that she was in England, she found herself online, researching her island and sharing it with her students. She began to see the island, and herself, through their eyes. And then, one snowy morning, she decided to call home. Elodie: Je me souviens, un matin, il neigeait. Ngofeen: In her room, Elodie started playing Maloya songs. Ngofeen: Elodie still longed to be a French intellectual.

But this old desire now led her in a new direction. She turned her gaze towards home. She wanted to delve into its complicated history. And she got in. Ngofeen: Elodie felt that the things she had lacked as a child — electricity, television, the internet — they had fueled her desire for knowledge, adventure and culture.

It made her who she is. Ngofeen: This story was written and narrated by Elodie Lauret. Send us an email with your feedback at podcast duolingo. And if you liked the story, please share it! Expatica produces high-quality guides and articles targeting the expat market at every stage of their move, making us the go-to source for expat content.

Sous-marins : le Japon se lance aussi dans la compétition du siècle

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Dans le Dossier

Considéré dans ce texte: La classe créative et les politiques locales. Le supposé pouvoir d'attraction des cirques. Michel Ange et les Médicis. La culture. Considéré dans ce texte: La classe créative et les politiques locales. Le supposé (French Edition) file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also you.

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