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Local Investment, Kudos Boost Italian Cinema’s Profile
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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Edmund Husserl. Fantasia e immagine. The Accuracy of a Clear and Sound Translation. Readership could easily get lost in the wide spectrum of subtle distinctions that Husserl devises and describes. Such a difficulty does not abate when the text is translated from German into another language. Readership could even fail to notice that a few key concepts might be mistaken for something else and that key terms might be lapsing into something else.

This twofold kind of confusion is the major risk for a translation of the Husserlian text. It is worth stressing such an accuracy especially in comparison with other translations of Husserl works that often end up clouding the subtle Husserlian distinctions between phantasy, imagination, image consciousness and phantasy consciousness. Claudio Rozzoni provides us with an Italian translation that makes Husserlian distinctions even sharper: his work enables readership to grasp issues that are as subtle as pivotal. On the one hand, he distinguishes imagination [ Imagination ] from phantasy [ Phantasie ].

On the other hand, he distinguishes image consciousness [ Bildbewusstsein ] from phantasy consciousness [ Phantasiebewusstsein ]. This entails that image consciousness is grounded in imagination and phantasy consciousness is grounded in phantasy: imagination makes image consciousness possible and phantasy makes phantasy consciousness possible. Husserl sets his reflections upon aesthetics within the broader frame of image consciousness.

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According to him, there is no image consciousness without i an image object and ii a difference [ Differenz ] between image object and image subject. More importantly, Husserl maintains that without image consciousness there is no possibility for aesthetic experiences to arise. In aesthetic contemplation, we immerse ourselves in the image; our interest belongs to it, we see the subject in it — p. Without an image, there is no fine art. And the image must be clearly set apart from reality — p. According to Husserl, the difference at stake is inherently double: on the one hand, it concerns the divide between image as a physical thing [ das Bild als physisches Ding ] and image object [ Bildobjekt ], on the other hand it concerns the divide between image object and image subject [ Bildsujet ].

These divides are related to image consciousness only: they cannot be ascribed to phantasy consciousness too. In this case, the distinctions are quite simpler. From the palace in Berlin, however, we distinguish the image hovering before us, which naturally is not a real thing and is not in Berlin. The image presents the subject but is not the subject itself [ das Bild macht die Sache vorstellig, ist aber nicht sie selbst ] — p.

The style of the buldings and the urban planning in general have a distinctive 19 th century elegance due to its popularity at the time among the wealthiest berliners. Berlin under a clouded sky is a strange spectacle: the cityscape is both familiar and unconventional.

As Italians, we are used to dip in history when we stroll around our cities. Berlin presents us with a modernity which can be a little startling at first, especially in a gloomy weather. After exploring the refined Charlottenburg, we walked around the alleys of Kreuzberg, one of the former poorest boroughs of the town, now the front line of the bohemian and counterculture scene. Alexanderplatz is one of the most crowded places in Berlin. We advise to visit it when the sun is out.

When the sky is cloudy, the sight of the grey empty square could become a real bummer. One of the most famous german buildings is located in Alexanderplatz: the Fernsehturm or Television Tower. So big, actually, that it has its own resturant inside.

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Login Follow Us. He is the author of Roma e il cinema del dopoguerra. This plurality, this diversity — in the best sense of the word — and this wealth of choice is reflected in every aspect of life. At the time of his cardinalitial promotion he was the youngest member of the College of Cardinals. Sep

It is one of the most iconic places in Berlin and its view is alone worth a visit at the square. Some times a greasy hot dog and warm, salty pretzels with one of the many local beers are the best lunch you could dream of. These meals truly reflect the spirit of the city: efficient but easy going, organized and in harmony with the urban environment.


It takes its name from the complex of five extraordinary museums which have been opened there for over two centuries. The island also contains the Berlin Cathedral, or Berliner Dom, whose dome towers over the river. All of the island, the gorgeous museums buildings and the cathedral are a very suggestive sight to see, even under the grey sky we were under.

It takes a little time to thoroughly visit all of the museums so, when we had finished, it was dinner time already. We were too tired to go and sit at a resturant so we tried the currywurst, a typical German streetfood which is very nice but has a very strong flavour too. After dinner we restored ourselves with some good beer at the Hofbrauhaus and then we went sleeping for our trip had just started.

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It really is a plague, nowadays, how really crowded some famous places can be and how the crowd itself stops you from enjoyng an undisturbed view of our favorite places. The Brandeburg Gate is a world-famous monument and capturing its image when no one was around, well, it was one of the highlights of our trip. After a quick breakfast at the train station of Alexanderplatz, we took a train to the city of Potsdam, the former residence of the Prussian kings and capital of the Brandeburg region.

The city directly borders Berlin, they are two halves of the same metropolitan region, so the train ride is very quick. It was really cool to have all transports included in just one ticket!

Nicola Campanelli La mia vita a berlino 16 - A city of many colors - feireiss.

Potsdam is so different from Berlin in so many aspects. Potsdam was one of the finest places we got to see in Germany. Upon our arrival, we were welcomed by the colours and smells of flowers. Flower stands were all lined up in front of the train station gifting us with a lively spectacle which cheered us up. We visited the famous palaces once home to the Prussian nobles.

It truly is a majestic place. It has its theatre, its park and its interiors are lavish and dazzling, including a wonderful Grotto Hall, with walls encrusted in rocks and seashells. After that we walked to Sansouci Palace. The Sansouci Palace was created as a small version of Versailles. The palace is placed above a delicious wineyard and terrace gardens. We went back to Berlin and, since there was still time, we decided to take a walk towards one of the biggest open-air museums of Europe: the East Side Gallery.

On a long, still standing portion of the old Berlin Wall, there are one-hundred and five mural paintings made by international artists right after the wall was tore down in Night out. We had the luck to find the Light Festival in a full swing mode. It happens every year in Berlin, accompanied by all sorts of festive events.

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L'oro di Berlino (Italian Edition) - Kindle edition by Pietro Ballerini Puviani. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Sotto il cielo di Berlino (Italian Edition) - Kindle edition by Paulo Ribeiro. di Berlino, i due ragazzi potranno contare solo sulla forza della loro amicizia e sulla .

We had a little fun after all the sightseeing of the day and we ended exactly where we started: the Brandeburg Gate, bright and vivacious thanks to the awesome lightpainting. When we woke up, we were both starving. A nice, savory breakfast was definitely in order.

So we dressed up, got ourselves going and went straight to the Milch Halle Berlin , an oasis of peace amidst the turmoil of the buzzing town. Milch Halle is kind of magic to me. The place is little and quiet, a very familiar atmosphere. We had capuccinos and some awesome-tasting heart-shaped waffles.

But we could not help it, it was a feast for both our stomachs and our eyes. Everything is better with a full belly. We strolled in the sun and visited the Reichstag Dom.

Local Investment, Kudos Boost Italian Cinema’s Profile

Wonderful place. You enter and there are lots of plants with their large, lush leaves and I cannot even describe the scenographic staircase. When you enter you get this strange feeling: the place looks both luxurious and domestic at the same time. A great way to eat your greens! We walked around for the rest of the afternoon. It was late when we got to the Holocaust Memorial so we visited it almost empty.

The place has a sombre, haunting beauty visited at this hour. The kind of beauty that makes you think. The visit was short, though, on account of our bad timing. So we quickly visited the famous Check Point Charlie which was culturally remarkable but rather boring. The last place before ending our journey: the majestic Potsdamer Platz, with its game of lights, fountains and futuristic buildings.

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And that was it. We went back to the hotel tired but happy and the next day we took our flight back to Italy. This trip was partially sponsored by VisitBerlin , but all opinions are my own.

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Ci abbiamo messo meno di dieci minuti a prenotare verso una destinazione qualunque, senza nemmeno sapere se potessimo davvero andare. A volte un hot dog saporito e i pretzels salati e caldi con una delle molte birre locali sono la cosa migliore che potete sognare. Dopo quel bagno di folla, avevamo bisogno di quiete e silenzio, quindi siamo andati alla Museuminsel. Il nostro viaggio era appena iniziato. Abbiamo usato la Berlin Welcome Card, che include tutti i trasporti a Berlino ed il treno per Potsdam.