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Listen to audio clips at CD Baby. Petersburg, Russia in They joined in an unprecedented collective effort to create a Jewish national school of classical music. The movement was crushed during the Stalin regime in the s. The political boycott overshadowed this music ever since, and the recognition of these composers is still overdue.

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Now, a hundred years later, it is possible to finally rediscover these musical jewels. Pushkin for voice and piano, Op. Gnesin composed many significant works inspired by Jewish musical tradition. He was a founding member of the St. Petersburg Jewish Music Society , a group of young Jewish composers devoted to creating a Jewish style in classical music.

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He played an important role in the musical culture of Russia and was influential as a music theoretician and teacher. During the Stalin regime his music was unjustly forgotten. Reason enough to pay tribute to him. Three Melodies Small Pieces for clarinet, violin, cello and piano, Op.

Special thanks to Society for the Welfare of the Israelites in the Netherlands and everyone who helped to create this CD-project. In Alexander Oratovski was introduced to unknown musical works by composers of the Petersburg Society of Jewish Folk Music by a relative of Joseph Achron, who had been a member of the society himself.

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The scores Oratovski discovered were a total surprise to him. The classical works rooted in Jewish tradition had been officially ignored during the Soviet regime and unjustifiably forgotten. Alexander Oratovski has has become an inspired performer of the music. M37 V. Theodore Bikel sings Yiddish theatre and folk songs []. Yiddish songs [electronic resource]. Sowiak, Oksana.


Freiburg : Ars Musici, [] Description Music recording — 1 online resource. Summary Doss kelbl Gibn dir, majn tochter Margaritkess Gej ich mir schpazin Di sun wet aruntergejn Di mame is gegangen Der Rebe Elimelech Lomir sich iberbetn Oj, dortn, dortn, ibern wasser!

Yankele [electronic resource] : Chansons yiddish []. Yiddish rhapsody [electronic resource]. Description Music recording — 1 online resource 1 sound file. Sound: digital; optical; stereo. Mon Yiddish blues [electronic resource] []. Description Music recording — 1 online resource.

Summary Belz Boulevard fun broken dreams Shpil du fidl shpil A yiddishe mame Ikh zing Lina fun Palestina Er hot mir zsugezogt By mir bistu sheyn Di mame hot mikh geshikt Papirossn Sarah Ay, ay, ay Abi gezunt Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz, Description Music score — p. U59 Unknown. Description Video — 1 videodisc approx. Summary Bella Schaechter-Gottesman, one of the few living Yiddish poets and songwriters, speaks about her life and work.

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Born in Vienna, Austria, she was raised in pre-war Chernovitz, Romania, one of the centers of Yiddish intellectual culture. She survived the Holocaust in the ghetto in Chernovitz and came to the United States in Active as a teacher and songwriter, she also began to write poetry and gained a reputation as one of America's premier Yiddish poets. Many of her songs cover a wide range of subjects from subway musicians, to personal reminiscences, to descriptions of street life in her hometown, the Bronx.

The renaissance of klezmer music in the United States allowed her large repertoire of traditional and original material to be performed by many artists including Theodore Bikel, Adrienne Cooper, and Michael Alpert. Excerpts from Dr.

Einstein's address about peace in the atomic era [sound recording] ; and Songs []. Selections Wolpe, Stefan. New Rochelle, NY : Bridge, p Summary Excerpts from Dr. Einstein's address about peace in the atomic era : Ten early songs : Arrangements of Yiddish folk songs, Songs from the Hebrew. Hilda Bronstein sings Yiddish songs old and new [electronic resource]. Bronstein, Hilda.

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Summary Bialystok Oyfn veg shteyt a boym S'iz finster in gas Avreml der Marvikher Melokhe-Melukhe Ven der regn zipt in droysn Gelibte Dos lidl fun goldenem land Zingt oyf Yidish Di sapozhkelekh Praven Veln mir a khasene Dos kleyne tsigaynerl Ikh vel dikh keyn mol nisht farbaytn Mayn shtetele belz A vogn shikh Zing brider zing Hilda Bronstein sings Yiddish songs with chutzpah! Yiddish folksongs from the Ruth Rubin Archive []. Detroit, Mich. Description Music score — xx, p. Summary Love songs and ballads Lullabies Weddings and marriage Children's songs, singing games, riddles, and cumulative songs Work and apprentice songs Dancing, drinking, and humor Soldiers, sweethearts, and wars The Hasidic nigunim : songs without words and songs with words Anti-Hasidic satires Topical songs and songs of social significance and struggle Songs of the underworld.

Y Unknown. Klezmer [electronic resource] []. The upward flight [sound recording] : the musical world of S. Alpert, Michael.

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Performer arr. Chto shakhterska zhizn' prokliata ; Net, rebiatushki, trudnei ; Tam proryty iamy, nory Children's rhymes.

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In zaltsikn yam ; Di shvue ; Rikudl ; Mipney ma I am a Jew! Monti ; arrange[d by] v.

Dos yidishe vayb Ikh bin a yid! When the rabbi danced [electronic resource]. Les musiques de Chagall [electronic resource]. Traditional Yiddish songs [electronic resource] []. Shapiro, Yaacov. Un dokh sing ikh! Aleksandrovich, Mikhail. Summary Shpil zhe mir a lidele in Yidish Kinder-yorn Yunge yorn A pastekhl, a troymer In rod arayn Mekhutonim geyen Bay a taykhl A khazn af Shabes Der furman Der khazn un der gabe Varnitshkes Leyg dayn kop oyf mayne kni Moyshele, mayn fraynd Un dokh-leb ikh Dos yidishe lid A glezele lekhayim Belz, mein Heimele [electronic resource] : Yiddish songs [].

Performer [Budapest] : Hungaroton, p Bei mir bist du shoen Belz Diregelt Klezmer suite. Der gasn nign Dona, dona Klezmer suite. Kiev : Dukh i Litera, B47 Unknown. The folk songs of Ashkenaz []. Description Music score — ix p. Summary Bd. H39 BD. Materials of J.