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They have trivial, vaguely idiosyncratic conversations while on the road.

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They express some artistic curiosity and display an alternately infantile, aggressive, quarrelsome, and paranoid behavior. Once they have settled in a family ranch in Santa Teresa, they spend their hours between leisure and tedium, and later start handling a rifle in the dark, while exchanging vague moral statements on animal hunting.

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All the banality of the previous day reveals its darkest side the morning after. We wanted to make a road movie filmed against traffic, to work on a film genre getting rid of the modes in which it is usually filmed. The trip of the characters happens in the interstices; what we presence are the ellipses, the moments that would have been avoided in any other movie of the genre. We favored static moments and decided to make a radical use of the out of field and fixed shots in order to make movement the dramatic displacement come from editing, from an idea prearranged by the genre on the audience, almost like a Kuleshovian experiment.

He was assistant director and producer in many short films. Both that starting point and the rest of the story is shot from a single perspective developed in a single shot: Featuring single time and space units, simulation, sex crudely oral and not suitable for children , acting, different forms of representation that go from miniature to drawing, from home video to mimicry, and a plot that goes back and forth between realism and artifice: This film emerges as a narrative and audiovisual experiment.

I sought to renounce important cinematic tools, with the idea that renouncing them was a way of using them. I wanted to tell a story without manipulating time through editing, without telling the audience where to look, resorting exclusively to what the characters say and do.


En busca de un imposible (Harlequin Internacional) (Spanish Edition) - Kindle edition by DEBORAH SIMMONS. Download it once and read it on your Kindle. En busca de un imposible (Harlequin Internacional) (Spanish Edition). DEBORAH SIMMONS. out of 5 stars 1. Kindle Edition. $ · Esposa Humillada.

Desde , se he dedicado al sonido en cine, participando en varios largometrajes. La utilidad de un revistero es su primer largometraje como guionista y director. He was born in Buenos Aires in In he took a film course and in he enrolled in the brand new FUC, where he worked as a sound engineer in several short films.

Since he works in sound for films, and worked in several feature films. The Use of a Magazine Rack is his first film as a scriptwriter and director. Un evento en una sinagoga. Una exclusiva lista de invitados. An exclusive guest list. He assisted the Talent Campus at Berlinale Pablo Gonzalez Galetto E: Baklava aims to reflect on the irruption of eroticism in the moment when Valentina and Clara —a long-time couple— are dining in an Eastern restaurant.

She wrote and directed four shorts, including Estructurada. She was assistant director and editor in many features, and has worked as series editor and director for Canal Encuentro since What would happen if you buy some LPs online to the wrong person? A dreadful story that takes us back to the past: She was born in La Plata in She directed fiction and animated short films. Born in in Buenos Aires, he studied at Universidad del Cine.

His short film Estamos bien was selected for Historias breves V and his short El juego was screened in Cannes. Alberto has a routinary life, until some unfortunate events make him take the decision of changing his life and follow his dream, that same morning. Un hombre y una mujer. Perhaps any night, anywhere. A man and a woman. A man, a woman, and someone else. A table immersed in alcohol, singing, playing music. The seduction, the crossing.

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One night, a woman, a man, and someone else, on a table. Two years later, he produced Dignidad secuestrada, about human trafficking. We did an experiment. We placed two characters with the same emotional goal but neither of them has the heart to tell the other. But… we can hear what he thinks, and what she thinks.

La Burbuja Sonido I: Una familia desintegrada hereda la casa de un padre al que no conocieron.

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A disintegrated family inherits the house of a father they never met. Tiene que pasar la prueba, conduce en silencio hacia el puerto de Buenos Aires. He has to pass the test, and he drives silently towards the Buenos Aires harbor. El Topo will give him a chance. Trabaja en cine y en publicidad, y ha dirigido varios cortos universitarios. He was born in Buenos Aires and studied at the Film University.

He works in film and advertising, and has directed many shorts at university. Diego, en cambio, ni siquiera sabe que hay un conflicto. D, G, E, P: Actualmente escribe su primer largometraje. He studied Filmmaking at the Universidad del Cine and made many shorts, advertisements and music videos. He is currently writing his first feature. Un auto flota en el medio de la piscina de una casa. Del interior logra salir una mujer, trepa el borde y se sienta, rodeada por algunos ladrillos destruidos.

A car floats in the middle of a house pool. A woman manages to get out from it, climbs on to the border, and seats down surrounded by some broken bricks. She stays there, silent. The only witness watches the scene from one of the windows in the back of the garden, very still. Until she decides to leave the hospital, and goes back to the house where it all started. Todo va bien hasta que Daniel descubre un regalo que el ex novio le hizo a ella.

Daniel se obsesiona con superar ese regalo. Daniel meets Carolina, a dazzling woman who captivates him. Everything goes well, until Daniel finds a gift from her ex-boyfriend. Daniel becomes obsessed with topping that gift. He directed several shorts, including Pies best Argentine short at the 25th Festival and Puertas adentro ; 27th Festival and the featurelength film Furtivo Mariano Luque Un muchacho que estudia cine y filma fiestas de casamientos. Un hombre que ha montado su productora en el garaje de su casa.

A young man who studies Filmmaking and shoots weddings. A man who set up a production company in his garage. A girl who plans to play a self-tribute video in her 15th birthday party. Sus cortos han participado en festivales nacionales e internacionales. Actualmente trabaja en Otra madre, su segundo largometraje. His short films have participated in local and international festival.

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His first feature film, Salsipuedes, premiered in the edition of the Berlin Film Festival and was screened in several festivals. Paul Alexander Fuller P: To celebrate the th birthday with a party the man with the eternal cigar had asked for, his daughter Samantha gathered a dozen friends and famous fans like Joe Dante, William Friedkin, James Franco and Jennifer Beals. Responsible for the Samuel Fuller Archives, this documentary is her first feature. Violence irrupting in different ways is what links together each one of the stories that make the complex mosaic built by Jia Zhangke, who keeps developing his personal talent for narrative and visual stylization.

He was born in the province of Shanxi, China, in The complex relation that happens in different levels between the people gathered in academic life —students, professors, administrators, the Californian and federal governments— can be understood thanks to the clear situation map Wiseman creates with his persistent method of observation.

Che strano chiamarsi Federico! Now, he focuses on an evocation of Federico Fellini, not so much as simple tribute to a master from the past but as a love letter to a friend, which allows him to write a moving story while also resucitating all the vitality of a certain way of understanding cinema.

He was born in Trevico, Italy, in He studied Law at the University of Rome, but in he started working as a screenwriter. Since then, he has shot over forty films and documentaries, included classics that received a number of awards, such as Ugly, Dirty and Bad and A Special Day El encuentro tuvo lugar en Roma en ; el entrevistado es un personaje poco conocido pero fascinante: William Lubtchansky, Caroline Champetier E: The meeting took place in Rome in ; the person interviewed is a rather unknown but fascinating character: Director, screenwriter, producer, and journalist born in Paris, France, in In , he moved to Auvergne with his family, escaping from the German occupation.

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Matthew Chapman, Julie Sayres F: The distance between New York and Rio de Janeiro loses its thickness thanks to the intense romance poet Elizabeth Bishop and Rio-born architect Lota de Macedo Soares lived in the mid 20th century, set against the modernization of Brazilian culture that took place in those years. Based on Carmen L. El punto de partida es la llegada de Franck, quien tras estacionar su auto se dirige directamente a una playa, se desnuda y se sumerge en un lago para nadar. Les Films du Worso I: Once again Alain Guiraudie investigates sexual diversity outside the outdated parameters of contemporary cinema, on a beach that works as a social and sexual spot for a gay community.

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The starting point is the arrival of Franck, a man who parks his car, goes straight to a beach, gets naked, and dives in a lake for a swim. He was born in Villefranche-de-Rouergue, France, in He studied History and Philosophy before becoming interested in film. In Jealousy, his son Louis once again plays the lead, now with a role that was molded after the life of his own grandfather, deceased actor Maurice Garrel the genealogic puzzle goes on: He was born in Boulogne-Billancourt, France, in Yves Montmayeur, Attila Boa E: But later on, he will allow himself to be analyzed: Although he became internationally renowned with the Oscar nominations for his latest films The White Ribbon, and Amour Michael Haneke spent the last quarter of a century consolidating his prestige as the author of a body of work that is not always accessible and often revulsive, capable of reflecting some of the deepest anxieties of our era.

Sus retratos han sido exhibidos en festivales de todo el mundo. His portraits have been screened in festivals all over the world. Y eso que Moebius es, casi casi, una comedia muda. Kim Ki-duk Film I: You can ask the survivors from its premiere in the latest Venice Film Festival, who will tell you about the stampede of spectators running away from the theater and even vomiting on the illustrious carpets of the Palazzo del Cinema.

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Mi amor te defiende de tu misma inocencia. These titles were recently added to the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County. As far as can be told at present, Benavente's position is unassailable. There are 'More practice' and a revision test at the end of each section. All of this was possible due to the unique nature of this detention center, which differentiated it from other extermination centers of the repressive forces because many survivors were able to provide countless and irrefutable proof of the actions perpetrated by this horror machine. Bibi is a widow who lives alone with her cat in a small apartment.

And the thing is Moebius is almost a silent comedy. One that is really dark, wild, and full of screaming of both pleasure and the other kind , but a silent comedy nevertheless. So now you know: Finecut 4F Incline Bldg.

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Sunhi Junh Yu-mi, in his fifth collaboration with the director is pure sunshine, and in several ways: One of them is her professor, whom she goes to see to ask him for a letter of recommendation because she wants to continue her studies abroad. Another one is an ex-boyfriend who made a film about their failed relationship whom she finds in a typically Hongian bar scene with bottles that reproduce faster than rabbits. And finally, another film colleague who has troubles socializing. His short List was screened at the 27th Festival. His companion Denise Crispim manages to escape to Chile after the birth of their daughter Eduarda.

There, she meets with her exiled parents, who have dedicated their life to the fight for freedom. After forty years living between Italy and The Netherlands, Denise and Eduarda were granted amnesty and retribution in Brazil.