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Abingdon: Routledge. Routledge research in sport business and management.

This impor- tant new study of contemporary sports marketing examines the opportunities and threats posed by a global sports market, outlining the tools and strategies that marketers and managers can use to take advantage of those opportunities. The book surveys current trends, issues and best practice in inter- national sport marketing, providing a useful blend of contemporary theory and case studies from the Americas, Europe and Asia.

It assesses the impact of globalization on teams, leagues, players, sponsors and equipment manufacturers, and highlights the central significance of culture on the development of effective marketing strategy. Global Sport Marketing is key reading for any advanced student, re- searcher or practitioner working in sport marketing or sport business. Bachelorarbeit Die rasante Entwicklung von Computer- und Informationstechnologie in den letzten Jahrzehnten hat Gesellschaft und Wirtschaft entscheidend beeinflusst.

Vorliegende Arbeit befasst sich mit einem Teilgebiet des eSports: dem Sponsoring. In: Gerhard Trosien Hg. Untersucht wurde der Effekt zweier Treatments digitales Spielen oder Zuschauen bei der Spielhandlung auf die Erinnerung an werbliche Inhalte. Helleu, Boris Be ready to be excited. Abingdon: Routledge Routledge research in sport business and management , S.

In contrast to a professional sports league its role is not to regulate the athletic and economic aspects of its sport, but to create original content designed to draw the public into the arenas or towards their television sets. Starting as a local firm, the WWE has become a global lifestyle brand, distributing original content on a number of platforms, which operate synergistically.

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Wrestling has rarely been the subject of an academic study. In spite of this, the WWE remains an interesting topic, for at least two reasons: While its glory days may seem to be behind it, the federation has steadily developed its brand equity and its product, increasing its sales year after year. The WWE takes it as a given that its product is a masquerade. By doing so it turns a weakness that could be crippling scripted combats into a strength, through a calculated marketing strategy.

Motives and marketing stimuli affecting eSports consumption: cross-cultural perspectives. A review of the related studies is offered. Factors quantified include social interaction, diversion and peer pressure, among others. The patterns among American gamers are analyzed. Also detailed are information used to learn about or select eSports games.

Marketingpotential des deutschen eSports. Electronic Arts und der E-Sport. Sponsoring im Gaming. Sponsorings genutzt wer- den kann.

Implizite Werbewirkung durch Ingame-Advertising? Aus dem Text. Dann wendet sich Verf. Schierl, Thomas; Schaaf, Daniela Hg. Sport und Werbung. Sportkommunikation, 9.

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In dieser kommerzialisierten Sport-Medien-Wirtschafts-Allianz lassen sich vier Themenfelder identifizieren, die im vorliegenden Band behandelt werden. Diese Kategorie umfasst allgemein den Markenstatus des Sports sowie insbesondere den Markenaufbau und die Mar- kenpflege von Sportartikeln, Sportveranstaltungen und Sportakteuren. Aus dem Vorwort. In an effort to increase brand use, firms have frequently sponsoered sporting events to communicate with targeted consumers via demographic and psychographic variables.

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Sponsorship particularly provides access to specific target markets that may be hard to reach through traditional media. Despite the access to target markets and other benefits that sponsorship may provide, sponsors may mainly activate the sponsorship via TV broadcasting or live attendance. Therefore, sport spectatorship can play an important role in the implementation of a sponsorship. However, for inaugural events, sponsors generally are in a position to engage in contrac- tual agreements without much evidence of historical attendance or viewership data.

Consequently, there is a fair amount of uncertainty of how well the sponsorship will work for brand new events. As such, the purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between involvement, demographic characteristics, action sport consumption, and use of an event sponsors brand. The authors sought to examine the degree to which involvement with action sports endur- ing and behavioral , demographics age and gender and action sports consumption spectatorship, participation, and videogaming actually predict Mountain Dew use among those attending an action sports event.

This study makes a contribution to the extant literature by providing an initial under- standing of how involvement, sport consumption, and brand use are related within the context of a sport sponsorship.

More specifically, the authors propose a model that examines the mediating role of sport spectatorship on the relationship between involvement in action sports and brand use. Cianfrone, Beth A.

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Information on the growth of sport video games, unique features of this segment of the sport industry, and financial and technical value of in-game advertising and sponsorships are first introduced. Extensive discussions are made on the advantage of sport video games as a marketing tool and the importance of assessing the effectiveness of in-game advertising and sponsorships.

The need to systematically understand consumer motivation and market demand for sport video games is highlighted. This chapter concludes with recognizing contemporary issues and recommended solutions. Hernandez, Monica D. Analyses indicated that high arousal advergames corresponded to both higher hit scores better recognition and lower false alarms less confusion than moderate arousal advergames.

The findings revealed more accurate short-term memory when subjects were exposed to a high arous- al condition than to a moderate arousal condition. Advertisers wishing to target adolescents could strengthen the recognition of their products and brands by relying on fast pace or competitive game genres.

A sample of 32 participants was asked to engage in video game play of a relatively new sports game and complete a series of measures examining attitudes, recall and recognition of in-game advertising. Findings supported all hypotheses with the exception of the hypothesis predicting a positive relationship between attitude toward in-game advertising and advertising effectiveness in terms of recall and recognition.

User factors such as age, game experience, game likeability, and item specific factors such as characteristics of the display panel and relevance of the product to the game were found to play an important role in improving advertising effectiveness. Contrary to earlier studies, attitude towards in-game advertising was lower than expected, especially amongst the experienced game players.

Brand recall and recognition. In: Sport marketing quarterly, 17 4 , S. Sport video games represent an emerging media forum for brand man- agement as corporations are now engaging in brand placement within sport video games in an at- tempt to reach consumers in a non-traditional way.

Despite the growth of this practice little research has been conducted to determine its effectiveness, particularly as it compares to placement within more traditional mediums. As such, the purpose of this study is to compare the recall and recognition rates for brands appearing in a sport video game and brands appearing in a televised sport contest. The results have important implications for corporate marketers and indicate that recall for brands that appeared in a televised NASCAR race were higher than those in a NASCAR themed video game; however, recognition rates were not statistically significant.

In-Game Advertising - Werbung in Computerspielen. Strategien und Konzepte. Wiesbaden: Gabler [u. Denn Spieler zappen nicht. Mit Website zum Buch unter www. Westerbeek, Hans Sport business and marketing in the future. Der dritte Ort besteht aus den Freizeitveranstaltungen, meist aus Sportereignissen jedweder Art. Diese entstehen durch die zunehmende Technisierung der Freizeitangebote. Im Internet und Cyberspace entstehen, laut Verf. The aim of the present paper was to review the main topics of psychological interest about esports and then to examine the similarities of es- ports to professional and problem gambling.

As a result of a systematic literature search, eight studies were identified that had investigated three topics: 1 the process of becoming an esport player, 2 the characteristics of esport players such as mental skills and motivations, and 3 the motivations of esport spectators. These findings draw attention to the new research field of professional video game playing and provides some preliminary insight into the psychology of esports players. The paper also examines the similarities between esport players and professional gamblers and more specifically poker players.

Abstract An established body of research exists in which playing video games has been associated with po- tentially problematic behaviours, such as gambling. An issue highlighted by the recent emergence of game-based gambling practices such as loot boxes, social network casinos, free-to-play game me- chanics, and gambling using virtual goods and skins. This study investigates relationships between a range of gambling activities and the consumption of video games in general, and the newly emergent phenomenon of esports in particular.

In addition, these practices are considered in relation to estab- lished measures assessing game addiction and problematic gambling. Video game addiction was found to be negatively associated with offline gambling, online gambling, and problem gambling. Video game consumption had only small, positive association with video game- related gambling and problem gambling.

Consumption of esports had small to moderate association with video game-related gambling, online gambling, and problem gambling. The primary finding of this study are that contemporary video games are not, in themselves, associated with increased poten- tial for problematic gambling, indeed, the position that problem gaming and problem gambling are fundamentally connected is questioned.

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The implications of the similarities and differences are discussed and ideas for future research into this emerging field are presented. Personal identity and the massively multiplayer online world. It asks whether the ava- tar can meaningfully be experienced as a separate person, existing in parallel to the flesh and blood player.