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For those interesting in taking saffron extract, it is helpful to carefully examine the origins, features, and benefits of this remarkable plant. Saffron is not a plant by itself; instead, it is harvested from the purple crocus, a flower originally native to Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean.

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The ancient Greeks and Persians were the first to see the value of the purple crocus and began using saffron in their food. This was a difficult process; only one pound of saffron can be harvested from an entire acre of purple crocuses. As a spice, saffron is rich and powerful; a little goes a long way. Saffron is very rich in certain minerals and compounds that have certain health benefits.

Saffron has a very strong odor; this is caused by volatile oils. These include a number of useful compounds like safranal, pinene, borneol, geraniol and more. These oils are also known as essential oils which have a number of therapeutic properties. Along with these oils, saffron has a number of antioxidants. These compounds are known to help treat and prevent cancer.

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"After reading, you may never think of exotic foods in the same way again." -Joan Chandler on Saffron Nights A change of scenery can unleash the wildest. Saffron Nights eBook: Liz Everly: Kindle Store. Saffron Nights Kindle Edition. by . Looking forward to reading this author's "Cravings". Read more.

There are also a number of more conventional minerals in saffron, including calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, and magnesium. Saffron, and more specifically, saffron extract are associated with a number of different health benefits. Many of these benefits are a result of the presence of essential oils antioxidants in the saffron. In the case of antioxidants, their benefits have been proven time and time again in laboratory scenarios. These antioxidants are a powerful weapon against cancer learn more on WebMD.

Minerals like potassium have been demonstrated to be effective against high blood pressure. Other minerals found in saffron, like iron and zinc, also provide a number of benefits to the body.


Perhaps more significantly, saffron extract is linked to a decrease in PMS symptoms for women who are menstruating. This makes saffron a very appealing option for many women, especially in the place of medications and other drugs. Saffron and saffron extract are also linked to a reduction in the symptoms of depression. This finding was the result of an exhaustive study conducted in a laboratory setting.

It should be noted that saffron was shown to help in cases of mild or moderate depression; severe depression still requires possible medication along with counseling. Weight loss is a major reason why many people choose to take saffron extract.

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One of the primary ways in which saffron extract combats weight gain is by eliminating emotional eating. Many people eat when they are stressed or sad. When the connection between feelings and food and reduced, people tend to eat less at each meal. Snacks between meals are reduced, reducing overall calorie consumption. Therefore Saffron Extract works in a different way than other appetite suppressants or fat burners. Saffron extract is a powerful tool for increased health.

If it did nothing but help people stop overeating, it would still be valuable. The fact that it has so many other qualities means that taking a saffron extract daily can be a solid decision for anyone. Few health supplements have gained a reputation for effectiveness as quickly as saffron extract. While it is commonly associated with weight loss, there is far more to saffron extract than that. There are a number of benefits for general health that can be gained by those who take the recommended dosage of saffron extract on a regular basis.

Many of the health benefits of saffron have been known for centuries by the peoples of the eastern Mediterranean, where saffron has been a valuable product and spice for almost as long as civilizations have existed in the region.

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